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Green Mountain National

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Green Mountain National

There is no finer place to enjoy the game than Green Mountain National Golf Course. What separates us from others are our unique and challenging design features. Carved out of the majestic Green Mountains, our course offers solitude and a “private” golf experience that will challenge players of all abilities.

Although located in the mountains, you need not be a Sherpa to play Green Mountain National. Gently sloping fairways that feature generous landing areas, distinctive changes in elevation and undulating greens provide natural beauty. View the centuries old rock formations carved by the glaciers, and be sure to take a moment on the 16th tee, as you enjoy the panoramic views in a spectacular setting.

Hole By Hole

Par 5

Hole 1 layout

A solid drive in the left-center of the fairway is ideal. Long hitters can reach this in two shots. A good lay up is center of the fairway leaving enough room for a full swing approach with a lob wedge. The tiers on the green really come into play. Birdies can be made if the approach is on the same tier as the pin.

Par 4

Hole 2 layout

This par 4, 412-yard hole is a slight dogleg right and downhill off the tee. A 3-wood or a long iron off the tee, aimed over the bird houses, is best. Golfers will then find their second shot on the flat area of the fairway. Club selection for the second shot is important to a fairly wide but narrow-depth green that is surrounded by water and bunkers. Check the wind here also.


Par 4

Hole 3 layout

A good solid tee shot in the middle or right center fairway is best here. You can let out the shaft as this hole offers some breathing room. If you have a long approach, be aware of the creek 50 yards short of the green. The green is two-tiered from left to right.

Par 4

Hole 4 layout

This par-4, 439-yard hole has more room on the left than appears from the teebox. Aim left of center off the tee. The second shot can require less club than indicated by the yardage as this hole is slightly down hill.

Par 3

Hole 5 layout

Depending on your tee choice this par three can have you playing a wedge to a long iron. The Long green is narrow in the front protected by a deep bunker on the right. The green then opens up towards the back and tilts from back to front. Club selection is the key to this hole.

Par 5

Hole 6 layout

A good solid drive, right center of the fairway is ideal here. If your tee shot is short, consider laying up short of the narrow gap center of fairway about 200 yds from the green. Long hitters can reach this in two. If you are laying up, the best angle into the green is on the right side of the split fairway.

Par 3

Hole 7 layout

This downhill par-3 plays shorter than its 151 yards. With a ridge in the middle of the green, it’s best to hit the tee shot to the side of the ridge with the pin placement. Be careful of a short right pin placement as the back bunker will come into play quickly.

Par 4

Hole 8 layout

The best line off the tee on this par-4 is to the right-center. Golfers should be careful not to hit through the fairway. Club selection is important here to carry the ball over the front bunker yet avoid the back bunkers. Putts must be studied carefully on this undulating green.

Par 4

Hole 9 layout

A solid tee shot, left center of the fairway is ideal here. A short tee shot will require a lay up short of a hazard approximately 90 yds from the green. This is a par 4 and a half. Best to be conservative as there are several hazards which come into play.

Par 4

Hole 10 layout

Aim your tee shot for the left center of the fairway. Consider the elevation of the green and the yardage when making your club selection for the approach.

Par 4

Hole 11 layout

A straight but not long drive is required here. Long hitters can reach the ravine off the tee and should consider laying up with a fairway wood or long iron. Consider the green elevation as on #10 when making your approach club selection.

Par 4

Hole 12 layout

A good drive with a 3-wood or driver off this par-4, 394-yard hole will leave a clear view of the hole. The distance is about 260 yards to go through the bend. It’s important to check pin placement here since this deep green has three tiers and is 40 yards in depth.

Par 3


Hole 13 layout

This downhill par-3 plays one to two clubs shorter than its yardage. Balls tend to kick left on this green. Swirling winds can come into play. Best to aim for the center of the green here. Shooting at the pin can be dangerous.

Par 4

Hole 14 layout

A wise selection is a 3-wood or iron down the right side of this par-4, 356-yard hole. A hidden water hazard on the left comes into play if the dogleg is cut too close. A short iron will bring the ball to this forgiving green.

Par 5

Hole 15 layout

Long hitters can reach this par-5, 466-yard green in two, but the drive must carry the right knoll. Anything hit to the middle or the left may roll into the water hazard over the bank. A 3-wood off the tee is a safe choice with an iron as the second shot and a short iron to the green. This hole looks easier than it is. It can come out and bite you.

Par 4

Hole 16 layout


Again a straight but not long drive is required here. Be mindful of wind direction from the elevated tee boxes. The green has some real sucker pin locations. Best to play your approach to the center of the green.

Par 3Hole 17 layout

On this par-3, 204-yard hole, players should look for one club less than its yardage. This is a great hole with no gimmicks – all its hazards are clearly visible. Winds tend to blow from the right to the left here and can be a factor. Check pin location when making your club selections as this is a fairly long green.

Par 4

Hole 18 layout

Favor the right-center of the fairway with your tee shot. Consider a 3 wood as your driving club as again, premium is on accuracy and not distance.

Golf Shop

To meet all your golf equipment and apparel needs while at Green Mountain National, we continuously stock our Golf Pro Shop. In our shop you can comfortably browse through all sorts of clubs, equipment, and golf accessories.

You will also find a wide assortment of garments ranging from shirts, golf gloves, hats, shorts, shoes and socks for both men and women.

Golf Rates

Golfers that live in Killington or own property are able to receive the local rates.

Golfers that reside in Vermont and have state ID can receive Vermont rates.

Golfers that are ages 15 and under can receive the Junior rates.

Cobra Rental Clubs | $40 for 18-Holes & $30 for 9-holes.  Premium Titleist rental sets $70 for 18-Holes & $40 for 9-holes. Club rentals may require an additional refundable deposit.

A valid drivers license is required for golf cart usage.

$7 for Small, $14 Large, Hours to match tee times, Driving range will close early on Monday for maintenance (last swing 4pm)  and re-open on Tuesday (approx 9 am)

Check out our current pricing and play today!



Hello, I just wanted to let you guys know what great shape the course was in. I played there Saturday, 10/14. The fairways were like carpet and the greens were perfect. Looking forward to our yearly trip next year. P.S. Enjoyed a pretty tasty brisket in the cafe. 👍
Avid Golfer
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